Sunday, February 23, 2014

Susan G. Komen and a Teeny Update

Erin and I have started a team to participate in the Susan G. Komen race this April 27th in Spokane.  If you would like to join our team, please go to  Click on "register," then click on "Join an existing team," and search for "For the Girls."  We plan on participating in honor of the victorious cancer battles of both Erin and Claire.  I hope you can join us!!  It would be awesome to have a huge showing in support of these two amazing women.

As for our girls, they are both doing awesome!  My family and I recently enjoyed a phenomenal meal with Erin, her family, and Claire and Terry before they left for Ajo.  Of course, Terry and Claire outdid themselves with the meal and truly made us feel like royalty.  I do believe we all left full, heavier, and so happy.  I was touched and humbled by the outpouring of appreciation from all of them.  Truly, it was way more than we deserved.  

That evening, we also expanded our personal art collection.  Terry gifted me an original painting of his.  The work itself is beautiful, and also touches me in a very deep way.  The snowy scene is of the golf course just blocks from Erin's home.  She and I had quite an exciting time sledding there last year.... until her docs put a stop to that type of risky activity.   I love that even as moms now, we are still game for a little rebellion and disobedience.  In any case, I will cherish the painting for so many reasons.  I am including a picture of Terry's work, but must apologize for the photo quality.  I don't actually even own a camera, besides my iPhone.  YIKES!  And, well, clearly I know nothing about lighting and photography.  BUT, I hope you can appreciate the beauty of this awesome gift.

I confessed to Claire that I felt the wonderful fuss was so undeserved as I had completely abandoned the blog.  She shared that she thought the lack of posts was a great sign.  She was relieved I didn't have a reason to update their friends and family.  I appreciate that outlook and her letting me of the hook.

Claire and Erin have both finished their sentence of herceptin treatments and are cancer free!! We talked about so many aspects of this stage of their journeys.  Without a doubt, they both are elated to be cancer free and finished with the frequent appointments, treatments, and tests.   Toasting their healthy status was a long time coming and a very surreal, ecstatic moment.  So, at this point, we celebrate and pray there are no more big reasons to get this blog rolling again.  Claire and Terry have returned to Ajo, planning to return to the northwest long after the white stuff has melted.  Erin is busy, busy, busy with work, a teenager (gads!), and a first grader.  I am so excited to have our conversations return to boring, normal mom frustrations and exhaustion.  Whew.  If only we could have seen this boring, wonderful, ordinary life a year ago.  It truly is a beautiful thing.

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