Monday, February 18, 2013

All Kinds of News

I was lucky enough to sneak in a small visit with Erin, Claire, and Claire's sister, Susan.  They were having a cozy Valentine's Day snuggled up with Claire, who was experiencing a harder day, post-chemo.  Erin and Claire both agree that this new chemo cocktail is not very kind.  Erin has discovered that acupuncture has been helpful with the nausea and fatigue.  Hopefully that will continue to be a successful tool for her.  Although both women have been facing some unpleasant side effects, we still enjoyed some chatting, teasing,  a touch of gossip, and maybe just enough profanity to make a sailor blush.  All in all, it was wonderful to see their positive nature shine through, even on a harder day.

The gals and I did receive some fun news this weekend.  Our blog has been selected as one of the top cancer blogs by Empowered Doctor.  Empowered Doctor is a news affiliate of The Chicago Tribune, Arizona Central, and CBS New York.  To begin with, I think we are all a little shocked that our humble little blog crossed their computer screens at all.  We are just beginning to learn what this recognition means, but are so excited for the possibilities.  I keep thinking back to when Erin was first diagnosed this summer.  This blog really started as a way to communicate her updates and stories with her friends and family.  Within a couple of months, we sadly added Claire to the cancer journey.  Although the original intention was just communication with loved ones, we are all learning the vastness of our audience.  I am so, so incredibly proud of Erin and Claire for allowing me to share their stories.  Through their openness with me and their willingness to publicize this journey, they are helping to hold the hands of many other people struggling directly with cancer or supporting a loved one in the same predicament.  Thank you, Erin and Claire.  This blog might be pounded out by my fingers, but the stories belong to you.  Your courage and strength will benefit so many.  I am so, so proud of both of you.

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