Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chemo and Coyotes

About a week ago, Jennifer Holm  and I were lucky enough to steal Erin away for dinner.  She was at just the right place in her chemo cycle to be feeling up for a little Twigs therapy.  I'm not sure if I was more impressed with my friends scrambling to get their drink orders in before the end of happy hour, or the devouring of the peanut butter chocolate mousse.  It really was quite a sight on all levels.  It was also awesome to laugh, joke, share stories, and experience a regular old girls' night.  (Old night..... definitely not old girls!!!)  The only thing that could have made the evening better was if our friend Kerrie could have joined us.  Ahhhh.... next time!!!!

Last Wednesday, Erin spent the day in the chemo recliner.  She has one more round to go.  The day prior to chemo, she did see her acupuncturist, in hopes of minimizing the nausea.  Erin said she still feels nauseous, but the acupuncture definitely made a difference.  In her words, this time doesn't feel like there is a pot of poison simmering in her belly.   While she is faring better, Erin did not escape all of the side effects of  exhaustion and nausea.  Throw in some killer hot flashes (a common chemo side effect), just for fun, and Erin has spent most of her time post-chemo in bed.  One more to go, Erin.  One more time!!  Whew.

I saw Claire briefly about a week ago.  She seemed to be doing well and was getting ready to go for a walk with Terry.  Hopefully, they will avoid the neighborhood coyotes they found on their last walk.  While strolling through the golf course, Willow (Erin's dog) went running for a bit.  She came back with a coyote hot on her tail.  Oblivious to it all, Willow kept running and suddenly had two coyotes trying to tag team her. The coyotes changed their plan when they spotted Willow's grandparents approaching.  Crazy!  As far as Claire's journey goes, she will be returning to the chemo room this week.  She is not a fan of this chemo concoction, either.  It would be grand if she endured it better than the last round.  Time will tell.

The link to the meal calendar is on the right.  If you feel inclined to send a meal, please sign up.  Sometimes it seems hard to know what to prepare for our ladies, but keep in mind they are feeding two little men, too.  An option for the kids instead of Erin and Claire would work.  The boys like all the typical kids' foods - macaroni, pizza, etc.  Thank you to so many of my own friends who have sent meals.  Many of these friends have never even met Erin or Claire.  Your caring and understanding touches my heart.  Thank you.

Also, cards of support are always appreciated.  3118 W Grace Ave, Spokane WA 99205.  Thanks for thinking of these two amazing women!!!!

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