Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two, Count 'Em, TWO Cover Girls!!!

BIG, BIG NEWS!!!  A few months ago, I received an e-mail from a reporter, Kathleen, from Health Monitor Magazine. She had been following our little blog and requested an interview with Erin and Claire for their Breast Cancer Treatment Guide.  Initially, I was a touch skeptical - my typical response to anything that sounds like something exciting or cool.  But, knowing that my skepticism was not the important factor this time around, I forwarded the request to Erin and Claire.  After discussing it together, they agreed to the interview.  Early one January morning, Kathleen spent a few hours on the phone with the gals.  She then arranged for an amazing, nationally renowned, professional photographer to come to Spokane to take shots for the guide.  My good friend, Amy, an extremely talented local make-up artist, jumped at the chance to be involved and spent the photo shoot day with our gals, spoiling them and bringing out their inner glow.  As luck would have it, our friends made the cover!!!!  AWESOME!!!!!!

Today, I received the PDF of the Health Monitor Guide. Just as my students were wrapping up their morning activities, I quickly peeked at my e-mail.... oops, big teacher no-no right there.  Honestly, I was already teetering on the edge, but I totally lost all professionalism, sent my students to go get ready for lunch with minimal instruction - dangerous in a first grade classroom this time of year - and called Erin.  I think I just about yelled in the phone, "IT'S HERE!!!!"  Of course, she is fluent in my random "Kim-speak," but wasn't quite sure about this reference.  When I told her the Breast Cancer Treatment Guide had come out, she gasped and begged me to forward the link.  Risking my little people's empty bellies, I quickly sent it off and thankfully got my rowdy bunch to the cafeteria on time, whew!!!  Since then, I have been overwhelming my coworkers and family with the article, beaming every second.  I have read it with tears in my eyes and have smiled with joy at their gorgeous pictures.  I am incredibly proud of our friends for their courage, honesty, and beauty in the face of the biggest fights of their lives.  This type of advocacy will be helpful to so many.  Great work, Ladies!!!  You are an inspiration.... and according to the young men at my home, you are famous now, too!!!  Thank you so much to Kathleen and her crew at Health Monitor Magazine.  The time and attention extended to my dear friends brightened a few dark January days.  If you would like to view the guide, please click on the link below.

Health Monitor Breast Cancer Treatment Guide

I have very little to update about the gals, medically speaking.  I know Erin has been handling radiation well and been feeling decent.  The two are keeping up with many activities - Live Strong, yard sales, gardening, and apparently a knitting class - who knew???  They seem to both be feeling well and enjoying the beautiful Spokane spring.  I have gotten to visit some, often walking away with a smile and a chuckle.  I don't know how they keep their humor all the time, but I am so glad they do!!!  I have also gotten to steal the boys on Mondays for the newly named, "Midget Mondays," named from my faux pas with the drunken midgets comment, oops, BUT all four boys look forward to it and often fill my home with the delightful sounds of giggles and bodily function humor.  Aaaahhhhhh...... boys.

Ok, Erin is definitely going to have words with me, but I have to share something I think is very humbling and kind of funny.  (Of course, what I think is funny is often questionable, but I digress.)  SO, all of us met on the TJ Meenach bridge last Sunday to watch the Bloomsday race.  As we were sitting in the breeze, I made some comment about my messy hair flying every which way.  Truly, it was a touch embarrassing, but I had put off vanity to make the race on time... or close to on time.  As we cheered on the 50,000 plus runners, I made some comment about how extremely beautiful my frizzy mop was.  I sure did feel awesome when Erin said, "Guess what?  I had a dream the other night that I HAD hair.  It looked just like yours, but a little shorter.  I was so, so happy."  OUCH.  Of course, I know her intentions did not include popping my huge bubble of glorious self-deprecation, but she was successful in halting the train on my frizzy pity party tracks.  To be fair, she did reiterate, several annoying times, that that was NOT what she meant.  I do believe her, but I also think it was damn good for me to think about it all.  Yep, my hair was a bit of a mess, but if that is the biggest of my own personal worries, I am doing ok.  And, if she really is dreaming about hair as gorgeous as my own, I think she should set her sights just a little bit higher... or thicker, I'm not sure.

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