Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drunken Midgets.... Seriously!

Finally, finally, FINALLY I got to see Erin for a little bit.  LeeAnn, a friend of a friend of mine, delivered another meal for me to take to the family.  I cannot believe how many meals LeeAnn has brought.  She didn't even know Erin the first time she signed up!  Amazing.  I love seeing the good in people, perfect strangers in fact!  So, with food in tow, my boys and I bombarded Erin's home unannounced.  I am so glad we did as I was able to squeeze in a quick visit with my buddy.  Erin is set to begin radiation this Thursday, she had a great weekend in Seattle with family, and has been feeling decent.  I am hoping radiation and Erin get along well or at least better than the loathsome chemo.  Fingers crossed!

Erin shared with me that she and Claire were headed to their Live Strong workout class after I left.  I'm not sure what all that entails, but I am confident it involved burning more calories than I had planned for my evening.  While we were discussing it, the excitement pouring from our boys at finally being reunited was intoxicating.  Those boys were ecstatic!  I think I might have been inhaling too much testosterone, or was light headed from the buzz of the young men, but I clearly overestimated my stamina!  After a full Monday of teaching rowdy first graders, I offered to take all of the monkeys to my house while Erin and Claire went to their class.  Clearly I was not thinking straight at all!!!  Erin asked me several times if I was sure, although the time she asked when the stuffed bear was flying through her living room at mach 10 was not exactly sincere.  But, bursting with overconfidence, I whisked the four crazies away and took them to my house.  Those boys played and played and played.  We all laughed like hyenas when they figured out a way to make the Lego Jack Sparrow on the Wii glitch so that it looked like he was dancing.  If that weren't enough, Gavin whipped out his phone and added a theme song - Gangnam Style, of course.  Even though I despise that song as a frequent offender of getting stuck in my head, I must admit, it was hilarious.  I thought all four boys would surely suffocate from lack of oxygen, or perhaps would be begging for dry pants, the laughter was THAT uncontrollable.

Jeez, I couldn't get a focused picture of these whirling dervishes.
Then, some neighbor girls showed up to play, too.  I'm not sure what the young ladies expected with my wild brood, but they fit in just fine and seemed to rival the boys in their level of giddiness and giggles.  Leaving my living room to the whims of the young, I poured a nice glass of wine, grabbed my kindle and headed for the front porch.  My hubby arrived shortly after my exodus and asked what I was doing.  I raised my glass and said, "I'm enjoying a nice evening on the porch while our home is full of drunken midgets."  Truly, that is exactly what it felt like.  Of course, my six-year-old heard my comment and has repeated it numerous times since then.  I can't wait for the phone call from his kindergarten teacher later. How do you gracefully admit to calling your children "drunken midgets?"  And if that weren't enough, it wasn't just my children!  oops!!!  Sorry to the moms of the other drunken midgets.... I mean sweet, happy, little children! 

And finally, thank you to friends and family who participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Spokane this past Sunday.  I was proud to walk with my dear friend, Robin, wearing our BooBees shirts in support of these two amazing ladies.  I heard there were more BooBees shirts out there.  Thanks for honoring our friends as they continue on this journey.

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