Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Awesome Story!

Happy Fall!!!  I am so grateful that this fall has started off way, way, way less eventful than last year.  It is amazing to me how much can happen in just a few months.  One of the many awesome things that has occurred through this whole journey is seeing how people dig deep to find ways to help.  Erin's brother, Alex, is a high school teacher and coach in California.  Just like his sister and his mother, Alex obviously has formed a very special bond with many members of his community, especially his students and athletes.  Last winter, the young people from Palos Verdes High School surprised Alex with gift cards and money to help support Alex and his family through that difficult journey.  The mother of one of Alex's students sent me the following clip from the high school broadcasting group.  Follow the link, click on the broadcast for 9-13-13.  The story is around the 7 min 40 sec mark.  Enjoy!!!

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