Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tax Day Celebrations

The last few weeks have been fairly productive for our friends.  I apologize for my severe blog negligence, but somehow I managed to get quite ill with influenza, so much for that flu shot I endured for nothing!!  So, with a renewed energy, I am ready to fulfill my blog obligations.

I thought I would start with Claire this time.  She had chemo about a week ago or so..... maybe two.  Due to my lovely germs, I haven't been able to see the gals, so my poor little mind is a little cloudy.  Erin shared with me that Claire's final chemo treatment will be on April 15th.  That seems like a strange way to celebrate tax day, but it will be a reason to celebrate nonetheless.  I know the side effects of this chemo concoction are icky, so thank goodness this is the last one.

Recently, my sweet neighbors, Joe and Claudette, gifted some tickets to West Side Story to my hubbs and me.  It was the traveling Broadway-esque production.  Jim and I were beyond excited to go.  Unfortunately, I really was very sick, and couldn't make it.  Thankfully, Claire and Terry were available at a moment's notice and our tickets didn't go to waste.  I was so, so excited for them both as they would really enjoy it and would appreciate a night out. Without question, the tickets were meant to go to them.  Thank you Joe and Claudette, I heard the show was incredible!  Claire and Terry are set to leave tomorrow for a visit in Arizona.  I'm sure they can't wait to hug all of their dear Ajo friends.  Enjoy the sunshine!!!!

Erin had her last chemo and struggled some afterwards.  She certainly scared me when she started entertaining a high fever and was staring a hospital stay in the face.  Luckily, the meds helped contain the fever and keep her at home.  Whew.  Now, she is driving us crazy with her yard sale finds that end up on our porch, a wonderful touch of normalcy for my dear friend.  She and the boys also left to visit family in Reno for Spring Break.  I am so happy that she had the strength to make the drive and spend time with her loved ones in Nevada.  Erin said she enjoyed a bald "Pretty Woman" bath in her hotel room's extravagant spa tub.  Funny, that was some very good mental imagery.  I am so glad she is getting spoiled and enjoying her time away.

Erin is going to celebrate tax day in an odd way, too.  She will begin radiation that day.  She will have 33 treatments, going for a short time everyday.  UGH.  The side effects don't sound awesome - fatigue, chance of nicking the lungs, possibility of weakened ribs, and risk of cardiovascular heart disease.  JEEZ, her heart has had enough, let's hope that risk does not come to fruition.  Erin will be getting her tattoos next week to mark the points of radiation.  Strange first tattoo, but I'm sure we will be getting some bumblebees when this nightmare is over!!!  Maybe bumblebees right over those radiation tattoos?  Maybe.

Please continue to keep these wonderful women in your thoughts and prayers.  I know they have endured so much already, but this journey is definitely not over.  I am also working on extending the dates on the meal calendar.  As Erin faces radiation and Claire finishes chemo, I'm sure they would benefit from meals for the munchkins and less responsibility on them.  The boys like typical kid fare - pizza, macaroni, chicken nuggets, etc.  Hopefully, Erin will be up to eating after radiation, but time will tell how she endures it.  Thanks!

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