Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whoop Whoop!!! (part deux)

CONGRATULATIONS CLAIRE!!!!!!  Claire has reached a huge milestone in her journey!  This last Monday was her FINAL chemotherapy treatment!!  Awesome!!!!!  I am so, so happy for her!  This truly is a huge hurdle that is happily left in her past.  Hopefully, the next week or so treats her kindly, as this little poison concoction has not been a walk in the park at all.  So glad both gals are through this part of their treatment.  Please continue to keep them both in your thoughts and prayers as they learn where the cancer path will take them and they focus on healing.

The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure will be held in Spokane this Sunday.  I will be walking with a very dear friend of mine in honor of Erin and Claire.  I apologize for not being on top of getting a team together for our gals - a HUGE friend FAILURE!!!  But, if you are participating and would like a BooBees shirt, please e-mail me -  I have a few left over, not a lot of choices in sizes, but a few.  So, so sorry Erin and Claire for not honoring you with a team, but my heart and the hearts of many will be dedicated to you both this Sunday.

****Erin asked me to edit this post.  I told her she can't always get what she wants, but she didn't exactly play fair, something about this blog being for her and Claire.  What is up with that?  SO, as a compromise, here ya go.   I am sorry I didn't get a team going for the race, but I get that I am not a "friend failure."   I'm a "HUGE" friend failure.  HA!  You don't know how to get into the blog, Little Missy, I can post what I want.  Be careful.... I know stuff. 

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  1. From what I have learned about you through your blog, you are far from being a "big friend failure"! "The Girls" are blessed to have you as a friend.