Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Graduation, Our Young Explorers, and An Opportunity for YOU!!!

Just over a week ago, my boys and I went to Erin's and Claire's Livestrong Graduation at the Valley YMCA.  I was so excited to attend and share in the gals' achievements.   What I saw was very touching and moving.... and slightly interrupted by our children going on an extended hike out of our line of view.  Truly, the life of a mom doesn't lighten up even for cancer!!!  And sometimes young Indiana Jones Boys need to be wrangled before they get too far.  So, long story short, I missed Claire and Erin's specific presentations from the Livestrong crew, but I heard it was very touching.  I am so proud of the bonds they have formed with other survivors, their newly extended support network in the Spokane area, and the physical, emotional, and bonding journey they completed.  Claire and Erin are truly ROCK STARS!!!!

One of the speakers, another cancer survivor, shared a wonderful opportunity to participate in on-going cancer research.  If you live in the Spokane area, have never had cancer (not including basal or squamous cell skin cancer), and are between the ages of 30 and 65, you are eligible!!!!  The study will involve one visit to one of our three YMCA locations in September and surveys every couple of years.  It will encompass several years, but very little effort on your part.  There will be one appointment, then survey completions every few years.  This study strives to understand better the genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that could cause or prevent cancer.  This is one huge step in helping find a cure.  If you are even remotely interested in participating, please visit:  Thank you!!!!  See you at the Y in September!!!!

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