Thursday, July 11, 2013

*****Finally, Happy Tears!!!!!!*****

Earlier this week, Erin shared with me that she had a big test coming up, a two and a half hour mammogram.  YUCK.  She was really apprehensive and worried this whole evil process would be starting over again.  Well, she just called me in tears.  Preparing for the worst, I held my breath and tried to comprehend her words as she told me there was absolutely NO evidence of breast cancer.  As of right now, she is BREAST CANCER FREE!!!!  WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Her journey isn't over, but this is absolutely incredible, miraculous news.  She will be continuing herceptin treatments through the fall and will have more tests to see if the cancer metastasized elsewhere, but at the moment, it is time to celebrate!!!  Congratulations, Erin!!!!  Too early for cocktails?  I think NOT!!!  Cheers, my friend!!!

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