Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Birthday Celebrations!!!

It definitely sounds like Erin had a fabulous birthday weekend.  She started off her festivities on Friday by dining with our long time friends, Jennifer and Kerrie.  I'm sure the evening was filled with tales of their children, giggles about many old stories, and apparently some delicious clams for the birthday girl.  Sorry to miss out on this very special girls' night!  Next time!!!

On Saturday, Erin enjoyed a quiet morning at home, a massage, her first foray to Polka Dot Pottery (which she LOVED), and a birthday dinner with friends.  A million thanks to Dyanne and Su for arranging Erin's incredible day.  She shared that it was absolutely amazing, very relaxing, and exactly what she needed.  A HUGE thank you to Su's hubby for taking all the boys swimming, followed by dinner out, and video games at the McDonald home.  Brave, brave man!!!  I know Erin greatly appreciated the time.

On Monday, Erin celebrated her actual birthday at Milford's, enjoying a yummy martini and the best seafood in Spokane.  Sweet Landy Lou accompanied his mom to dinner along with another friend.  Unfortunately, Gavin was feeling under the weather and not able to join in the festivities.

I was unable to see Erin this weekend as my family was out of town visiting friends and family.  This morning, I hurried by her home to drop off her present on my way to work.  I set the package on her doorstep, knocked on the door, and got in the car.  Well, as we all know, Erin is one of the most giving, caring people ever, and showed it again today.  As I was pulling out, I saw my sweet friend, barreling down the driveway, wrapped in a blanket, wearing her pajamas, bald head completely exposed (very, very rare!!), BAREFOOT in the snow, and carrying a small package.  One of my first grade students and his family have done many things to help out Erin.... too many things to mention.  Well, sweet Erin had a small thank you for my guy and was NOT going to let another day pass without getting it to the little man.  Barefoot..... what was she thinking?  Oh yeah, like always, she was thinking of others, regardless of the discomfort to her.  On a separate note, I must say, Erin was absolutely stunning.  I don't know how she pulls it off, but she is definitely one hot baldie!!!

After her barefoot adventure in the icy driveway, Erin unfortunately had to set off for another round of chemo.  She has three more to go after today's dose and will finish up around April.  Her team will then discuss what the next steps will be.  I know items on the table include maybe a mastectomy, radiation, or perhaps both.  As for now, hopefully Erin will tolerate the chemo well and will be feeling awesome for a visit with her brother soon.  I know she has been looking forward to seeing him.

Thank you to everyone who made her birthday weekend extremely special.  Erin is beyond grateful for the support, the time to relax, the visits with friends, and ultimately getting to see how much she means to so many.  As Erin stares down this chemo monster once again, cards of encouragement can be sent to her home at 3118 W Grace, Spokane WA 99205.  Thank you!!!!

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