Thursday, January 31, 2013


Last week, Alex and his family flew up to visit with Erin, Claire, and family.  The visit meant so much to our gals who were counting the days until the arrival of the Broughton Family from California.  They spent a long weekend up at Schweitzer together.  They rented a condo and enjoyed some time visiting.  Alex and his wife, Narumi, took the kids skiing and had a blast.  Three of Erin's aunts and one of her uncles were able to visit, too.  Erin shared that it was super relaxing and very fun.  They hung out, went out to dinner, played cribbage, and shared stories.  From all accounts, Erin and Claire enjoyed some precious time with family and will be looking forward to the next get together.

This round of chemo has been kicking Erin's buns a little, but overall, she seems to be in good spirits and coping well.  Please continue to keep both Erin and Claire in your thoughts and prayers as they continue to fight their battles with cancer.  Thank goodness the blueness of January is departing in a few short hours.  I know at my house, the excitement of the holidays has passed, the checking account is just barely in the black, homework for my little people is mounting quickly, work demands keep me hopping, and my inclination is to hibernate with a hot mug of tea and wait out these dark days.  I'm hoping that as Erin and Claire's friends, we can tap into some of the enthusiasm we felt during the holidays and keep sharing our love and encouragement with these amazing women in whatever ways we can.  Letters or cards of encouragement and support can be sent to 3118 W Grace, Spokane WA 99205.  If you are inclined to make a meal for our friends, please visit their meal calendar.  Thank you!

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