Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Erin had a P.E.T scan this week to determine if the cancer has spread.  I believe the docs were specifically focused on her bones, brain, lungs, and liver, but am not positive on that detail.  At this point, Erin has not received the results and is anxious to hear from her doctors.  She thought the earliest she would hear anything would be later next week.  Based on these results, a plan will be made for her future treatment.  I will post as soon as I hear.

Claire is doing well.  I know it hasn't been all sunshine and roses, but I am amazed at how well she has handled recovery from her mastectomy thus far.  It isn't like she has been symptom free, but Claire is strong and fighting back.  She was given the green light to fly and has tickets for a trip to Arizona soon.  I am sure she is over the moon excited to see her Ajo friends and maybe enjoy some warmer temps!  Claire and Terry recently accompanied my family and some friends to a wine tasting.  I know we wore her out, but it was so awesome to see them both having fun.  LOVE it!!!!

Erin's birthday is coming up on January 14th.  I told her she shares a birthday with Benedict Arnold, but I don't think she was impressed at all.  Perhaps it would impress her more to learn her special day is also the anniversary of the birth of Andy Rooney and Faye Dunaway?  Maybe???  Or.... well.... L.L. Cool J?  Not sure.  In any case, birthday cards can be sent to her at 3118 W Grace, Spokane WA 99205.  Thanks!!!

Their benefit fund is still open for donations, and will be open until this mess is over.  Donations can be made at any Spokane Teachers Credit Union to the "Erin Broughton Hughes Benefit Fund." Also, a link to the wide open meal calendar is on the right side of the blog for any interested chefs out there.  Thank you for all the support, encouragement, positive thoughts, meals, cards, care packages, and prayers sent to these inspiring women.  I know that is what keeps them fighting and smiling.  Blessings to this new year.  May 2013 be much healthier than 2012.

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