Monday, January 21, 2013

Life with Chemo

Chemo is really an ugly monster.  Overall, Erin is doing well, but has been fighting some nausea, sour stomach, and a headache or two.  Oh how fun.  Luckily, she has been able to enjoy some fun things, too.  She and I whisked Claire and Terry away to see Les Miserables yesterday.  Simply amazing!  Thank goodness we brought the tissues for one of us..... not saying who, but there might have been a sob or two stifled in our row.  We also stopped for lunch.  Who knew a chemo belly would enjoy some sushi after a little bit of popcorn??

Today, we met at Chuck E. Cheese to let the boys run and play.  That was three hours of solid fun!  Well, fun.... except for when that crazy critter came out to lead a dance party, much to the horror of a couple of little people.  AND, other sad news, someone needs to inform Mr. Cheese that switching to Pepsi does not make these two tired moms excited!  NOT AT ALL!!!!  What in the world?  Huge disappointment.  Oh well, the skee ball, basketballs, and slobber coated vampire teeth definitely made up for it.  

Erin's brother and his family are coming to town this Thursday.  Erin and her family are looking forward to spending the weekend with them at Schweitzer.  It sounds like everyone is crazy excited for the visit.  Hopefully the gurgling belly stuff will have run its course and Erin can enjoy some family time.

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