Tuesday, October 23, 2012

An Interview and A Fool!

This past weekend, Erin and Claire sat down with Nichole Mischke from KHQ News in Spokane.  I am so proud of these strong women for sharing their unbelievable story.  Without question, their promotion of breast cancer awareness will be saving lives.  That is just one of the many good things that has come from this horrible journey.  Thank you Erin and Claire for having the courage and strength to share your story.  You are truly saving lives.  Please peek at their interview at http://www.khq.com/category/195686/video-landing-page?clipId=7873174&autostart=true  Thanks!!!

(****Small profanity warning..... those sensitive to my trucker mouth should stop reading now.****)

Now..... on to the awesome part of this story.  My only preface to this part is that self-deprecation is one of my strongest and most valued traits.... so on we go...

On Saturday, I picked up the flowers and balloons from Jenny's Diner to deliver to Erin and family after the fundraiser.  It was really fun playing Santa Claus!!  I stumbled up to the door loaded down with a bright pink balloon bouquet fighting to be free in the gusting wind, a vase of flowers that was slipping a little in my hand, and a dessert my cousin had sent for the family precariously balanced in my other hand.  Truly, I should have taken a couple of trips, especially with the wind pelting the balloons into my face and clouding my vision.  I banged on the door with my foot and was let in by Claire.

Erin was visiting with a friend and was dressed up.  Typically, I see Erin and her mom in sweats or jeans and never with make up on.  Both looked perfect.  I peeked over at Erin, who is stunningly beautiful and said, "Wow, you are a hot piece of ass in that wig."  Really appropriate, right?  But, she was absolutely gorgeous and needed to know.  Of course, she needed to hear it in a way that would be fitting coming from her foul mouthed friend.

As Erin was chattering with her friend, I was being extremely mouthy with Claire.  We were sharing some stories and I was educating her on some finer profanity she hadn't learned yet.  Truly, profanity that not even I can repeat on here.  (Sorry, my own folks read this blog....  I can't explain this one to them, too!)  In any case, Erin and her friend kept talking and eventually I started noticing that along with the nice attire and make-up, the house was completely spotless.  Erin's friend seemed to have a lot of curious questions, too, more than most of her visitors.  At that point, I thought maybe the friend was recently diagnosed and just wanted to know what to expect.  Yep, real genius here, not cluing in at all!!!  Then, the friend made a comment about having enough for a story and closed the open lap top on the ottoman that I hadn't even noticed.  Oh dear LORD!  I just called my friend, you know... the bald one with cancer, a "hot piece of ass" and shared some of the dirtiest profanity I know with her mom.... all while being recorded!!!  I turned a million shades of bright red and instantly started stammering.  I am so glad those parts of the interview didn't end up on the news!!!  I must say, I felt like a huge arse, but I would totally make a fool out of myself again just to hear that tumultuous laughter from our gals.  I'm pretty sure we all giggled so hard we cried.  And, thank you, Nichole, for not including that in your fantastic story!  I truly loved watching your coverage and am so glad you got a chance to meet these courageous women.  For the rest of you, truly, peek at the interview and just try to disagree with my comment.  Erin really was one hot piece of ass!!!

P.S. Our dear friend Roz (the t-shirt coordinator) had surgery yesterday.  If you ordered shirts that need shipping, please extend your patience.  Hopefully, those orders will be shipped next week.  Thanks so much for your understanding.


  1. Love these beautiful women!!! Thank you so much Kim for being such an amazing friend to the both of them! Thank you for all you do! Love and hugs ladies!!! Your always in my heart and with me every day! Love, Angela DeTorres

  2. Am so thankful you girls did the interview on KHQ. I knew before names were even said that it could be Claire and Erin. I have been hearing and praying for these gals who are the sister and niece of my good neighbor, Diana. Now I have faces for your names. Will be busy collecting things here for your rummage sale. Your story is such an inspiration!