Monday, October 22, 2012

Claire Chemo Day and More

Today was Claire's first time facing chemo.  I am so proud of her.  I know that deep in her soul, Claire would rather try anything else BUT chemotherapy.  Her oncologist shared with her that trying other, more homeopathic methods of cancer treatment could possibly waste her time in facing this horrible cancer monster.  I know it was so hard for Claire, but the words, "This is your one chance to fight," hit deep in her mom and grandma heart.  Without question, Claire faced chemo for her kids and grandkids.  So, so proud of her. 

By all accounts, Claire's day went well.... or as well as six hours of IV meds can go!!!  She spent her chemo day with Erin, David, and her sister, Diana.  I'm glad she had such loving family to hold her up during this emotional and exhausting first day.  Spending her day with them and kicking her sister's buns at cribbage must have made this day better than she would have expected.  Hang in there, Claire.  We love you and will hold your hand through all of this!!!

Erin found out some interesting news.  She received her genetic testing results.  Surprisingly, Erin does not carry the gene, meaning that her cancer is not genetic.  Random.  At this point, I really don't understand it and I am not sure how that might change her treatment plans, but will post as I hear more.  Hopefully, this is good news.

I feel so lucky to be Erin's friend and am beginning to consider Claire to be my second mother.  On so many levels, I appreciate both of them.  Today, I appreciated being able to see how much others care and love these awesome ladies.  I made a deposit into Erin and Claire's benefit account and was shocked to see that it has doubled in the last couple of weeks.  Thank you all so much!  The money will definitely come in handy for this sweet family as they continue to fight this horrid illness.  Thank you for the fundraisers, shirt orders, donations, and prayers.  These two women are seriously going to kick some cancer butt.....

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  1. Hello Erin ! I heard a while back about what you have been going through...I'm so sorry ! We have been praying for you & your family...praying for complete healing for you & your mom ! How is Landon doing? Please tell him I said "Hi"..God bless your family ! Blessings, Karen Fuson