Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Eventful Monday for Mom and Daughter

Erin had her third round of chemo yesterday.  It isn't quite as easy this time as the second round.  Somehow, she and I both were struggling with insomnia at 2:00 a.m. last night and randomly started texting each other.  She was up feeling nauseous and exhausted.  I just couldn't fall back to sleep.  Ironic and a little spooky.  Erin said the chemo procedure itself went fine, but this time she is feeling shaky and nauseous.  I'm hoping that the next few days are better than today...and that we both sleep through the night.  Erin has a huge desire to keep things real with the blog and share all sides of her journey.  Her father sent me this picture from the chemo room.  So, so proud of my beautiful friend.

Claire had an eventful day as well.  While her daughter was in chemo, Claire was scheduled for surgery.  She had her port surgically implanted and had sentinel node removal surgery.  The same doctor who performed the similar surgery on Erin, did Claire's surgery.  Claire handled it well and is experiencing no pain thus far.  Thank goodness!!!  She is in good hands with her sisters at Erin's home.

So, through all the crud and trials, Erin and Claire amaze me with their positive outlook and spunky personalities.  Recently, the three of us measured our heads so Alex could deliver hats from his school.  (By the way.... thanks, Alex!!!  Same colors as my school and our initials are PV as well.  LOVE IT!!)  Anyway, we discovered that Erin has a pin head, Claire has a fat head, and.... well... my head is just perfect..... says me, of course!  So, I kept teasing them, Pinhead, Fathead, and Perfect.  Well, Claire is absolutely tiny, except for her head.  She eats well and really is a slim gal.  And, truthfully, you'd never look at her and even consider her head to be large.  Yesterday, her doctor had to use a child's port for her because her frame is so little.   Today, Erin and her aunties have been teasing Miss Claire about her melon and her teeny body.  I'm so glad they can find the humor in these things.  Perhaps that is what I admire most about them!  We all have to laugh sometimes.

Speaking of laughing, Erin sent me a text telling me she "candled" her mom's ears this morning.  HUH???  I told her I had no idea what the heck that meant, but I was fairly certain I wouldn't want her to do it to me.  Well, she cleaned out her mom's ears with hot wax - some naturopathic thing.  AND, now Claire can hear much better.  Those funny ladies.... chemo and surgery one day, hot wax in the ears the next.  I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring!!

On another random note, I found new boobs for Erin and for Claire.  What do you think?  I think they are just perfect for these two amazing ladies!!!

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  1. Way to go ladies!!! I'm praying and sending lots of loves your way! Xoxo Angela