Saturday, October 13, 2012

Double *$*&%!!!!!!!

It is with great sadness that I share this news.  Claire, Erin's mother, has been diagnosed with breast cancer as well.  She has the same type of cancer as Erin.  Originally, her doctors told her this was not as severe and could be treated with surgery and radiation.  Claire transferred to Erin's oncologist so they could go together and simplify their schedules.  Erin's oncologist read over the labs and shared that the form of cancer Claire has is actually the same, rare, aggressive breed as Erin's.  Claire will begin her chemo treatments on Monday, October 22nd.  Erin's third round of chemo is this Monday, October 15th.  I shared with Erin that I wish they could have lined them up so they could do it together.  She told me this is better because they can take turns caring for the other during the process.  Their love and devotion for each other is amazing.  I love these two ladies as if they were my own family and pray they both sail through these treatments and reclaim their happy lives, cancer-free.  I am honored that both gals have allowed me to write about their journey and share it on here.  Thank you, Claire.  I know this is not an easy step.  I will do my best to make you proud and be sensitive to your story as well.

Erin's fund at STCU will benefit both mom and daughter.  The profits from our fundraisers and shirt sales will go to that fund.  Roz worked with the t-shirt guy and we made a small change.  I think it is absolutely perfect.

Please continue to keep Erin and Claire in your thoughts and prayers.  Cards are greatly appreciated at 3118 W Grace, Spokane WA 99205. (Claire Bistline)  If you would like to send a meal, please visit our meal calendar.  Claire does not eat dairy, and generally is a fairly healthy eater. She also is an amazing cook, so some fresh produce she can work her magic with is just fine. Meal Calendar

Erin told me that after a hard visit with the oncologist, she and her mom visited the "Essential Women's Boutique."  It is a store that has things women going through chemo might need - wigs, hats, scarves, skin care, etc.  After talking to the women who work there, they learned there is a free cancer store where patients can pick up things without any cost.  Erin and Claire found it and got some great hats, a couple of wigs for Claire, and a scarf or two at no cost.  It sounded like they had a ball just going through things and finding some needed items.  I am really glad they have each other right now.  I suppose that is the silver lining, they will be holding each others hand through every step.  In any case, please keep our gals in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. I am praying for you both! I love you and know you both will win this war!!!! Love you ladies! Angela

  2. Kim- I was wondering how to order the tshirts. Are there any of the original ones left? And when can the new ones be ordered? Could you email me the details at: please? Thank you. And thanks so much for keeping us all updated on our friend Erin.

  3. Sorry I didn't get back right away, Janie. Roz was able to order some extras with this round. They aren't finished yet, but our first order should be here soon. E-mail me your size and I'll check with Roz and see if we have any more in our extra stash. They are going quickly.