Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Wish!!!!!

Today was incredible, absolutely, positively incredible.  Year after year, one of our local radio stations, 92.9 ZZU, grants fabulous holiday wishes to families who have come upon hard times.  Through a letter, I shared Erin and Claire's unbelievable story and nominated them to receive one of the generous Christmas Wish deliveries.  About two weeks ago, the call came sharing that their wish would be granted.  It took some creativity, a touch of conspiracy, and a whole lot of lying to actually surprise this family, especially savvy Erin.  With many friends in tow, and Nik staged at the house getting the kids ready, we followed the KXLY camera crew and our head elf to Erin's door.  The looks on their faces will be in my heart forever.  Erin thought I was bringing a high school journalism student by to interview her... um.... not quite.  I can only imagine her surprise.  It was so awesome.  ZZU Christmas Wish blessed them with many wonderful surprises as so many friends and my own family watched on.  The sight of Erin's boys snuggled on the couch with my own little men, digging through the gifts cannot even be described.  That moment truly was what Christmas should be about - crazily happy children, enjoying a perfect, cancer-free morning.  Erin's living room positively overflowed with pure holiday joy that could be felt by all.  Thank you so much to Christmas Wish, ZZU, all of their sponsors, and KXLY News.  After the surprise, the news crew stayed and interviewed Claire, who literally woke up in the middle of the mayhem, and Erin.  I'm excited to see their fighting spirit shine through in their segment.  

Once all of the elves and crew were on their merry way, we broke open some champagne and shared mimosas and donuts.  What an incredible, unbelievable morning.  I feel so, so fortunate to share in all of this with my wonderful friends.  Ladies, I just love you and am glad today was a bright spot in this difficult journey.

The recording of Erin and Claire's surprise can be found here: Christmas Wish.  Their wish is #6.  Enjoy!!!!  Pictures to follow soon!

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