Friday, December 7, 2012

Do you know why he wears a hat???

Tonight, I was lucky enough to visit with Erin and Claire for a little bit.  Thank you, Somer, for another delicious meal.  This time, I stayed for dinner, chatted, and ate way too much, YUM!!!!  Somer is a mom of one of my sweet first graders and has never met Erin or Claire.  This is the fourth meal she has sent in the three months I have known her.  Thank you!!!  These gestures, Somer's and those of so many others, make us all smile and remember the genuine goodness in people.  In some ways, that means even more than the food and care packages.  Thank you!!!!

Erin and Claire were doing ok.  This round of chemo has not been too friendly with Claire.  She and Erin both said today was better than yesterday, but still a tiring, hard day.  Claire's natural spunk and good humor were there, but slightly hidden under a small mountain of fatigue.  Hopefully, as she distances herself from last Monday's chemo treatment, she will grow in strength and energy.  If you would like to encourage sweet Claire, cards can be sent to Claire Bistline, 3118 W Grace, Spokane WA 99205.  Thank you for continuing to keep this loving mom and grandma in your thoughts and prayers.

Erin doesn't have a lot of answers about her own test results.  She has a really awesome oncologist who has traveled out of town to attend a conference about Erin and Claire's specific form of cancer.  I pray she comes back with the right tools to gain ground and defeat their cancer.  Erin will be meeting with her to discuss treatment options as soon as she returns.  If I hear anything, I will update right away.

The part I never realized about these journeys is that normal day to day "life" must go on.  Homework, sleepovers, sports, dinner, laundry, it doesn't stop for cancer.  I guess I never considered that side, especially for a busy single mom of two boys.  During this Christmas season, Erin's guys have been visited by a very naughty "Elf on the Shelf."  While I was there, Landon finally found the evasive elf, Calvin, hiding in the sugar canister.  As Landon was peeking at him, he said, "Hey Kim, I know why he wears a hat, do you?"  I quickly retorted with, "Well, I think he might be a cone head."  Landon replied, "NO, he is an ELF not a CONEHEAD!  He wears a hat because he is a bald elf....."  ....just like Landon's sweet mama and grandma.  As much as life keeps going on day in and day out, cancer threads its way into daily life, too.  While his comment made me giggle and made me proud of his open mind, it also slammed the reality of his life in my face.  He and his brother are so unbelievably brave.  I am incredibly proud of both of them.  They are the light that is shining on their mom and grandma through all of this.  Thank you for continuing to keep this entire unstoppable family in your thoughts and prayers. 

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  1. Thank you for the updates Kim. I hope and praying for good results from the oncologis for answers!!!!