Monday, December 10, 2012

Great Weekend

This weekend, I had the pleasure of taking Erin and Claire to the Davenport Hotel to see the trees on display for Christmas Tree Elegance.  We had a wonderful time!!!  Between the banter, the really tall college basketball players breezing by us, the seriously short people in the lounge.... we had a ball.  Erin and I giggled loudly every time Claire ran off to leave her ticket in the raffle box for the next tree with a larger cash prize.  It was so, so fun.

After the trees, we spent some time in the glamorous Peacock Lounge.  It was so amazing to visit, share some yummy food, and sip beverages.  Claire made a comment like, "Who knew a simple day out of the house could feel so liberating?"  What a fabulous reminder!  So much to be thankful for.

Last night, the three of us enjoyed a movie, a yummy dinner.... if I do say so myself, and some time to chat.  I loved it.  These two ladies are so incredible.  I have no health updates, but will post as soon as I am able.  While we were relaxing, our four boys were totally crazy.  There *might* have been a touch of squabbling, but mostly we enjoyed their silly giggles and their goofy conversations.  Little boys are simply amazing.

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