Sunday, December 2, 2012

With Love, from Ajo

Claire called me today with awesome, awesome news.  She and Terry received a very excited call from their friends in Ajo, AZ last night.  I have never been to Ajo, but Claire said it is a fairly isolated smaller community, with a population of less than 5,000 people.  She and Terry have been spending the cold months there since 1997.  In that time, they have made many close friends, some from the start, and some more recently.  The Ajo community rallied together and scheduled a yard and vegetable sale this weekend.  The Community Support Agriculture Group donated the profits from the sales of their home grown vegetables.  Yard sale items were donated prior to the sale and were sold to benefit Claire.  From what I have heard, the extent of the donated items was tremendous, especially for a smaller community.  Claire and Terry were so excited to hear the conference call from so many of their dearly beloved friends in Ajo.  I believe that call just might have brought some tears of joy.  I could hear the excitement in Claire's voice as she shared the energy from her friends.  I'm also hearing rumblings of more benefit activities in that neck of the woods.  I am so, so excited.  I often worry that as we rally to support this sweet family on the northern end, that I often focus on Erin and overlook Claire.  Due to her kind, caring, and humble demeanor, I know Claire would never complain for a second about my focus on her amazing daughter.  In any case, I am so glad that she has a chance to feel the love and support from her Ajo family.  To all her Ajo friends and family, thank you for organizing this event, sharing your excitement, and sending your energy to sweet Claire.  She needed that!!!

Erin is doing well post-surgery.  She has some soreness at the incision site and is a touch tired.  On the whole, she is faring very, very well.  Of course, we are all on pins and needles for the pathology reports.  Those should come in this week.  Hopefully, the results will show the cancer cells within the mass are dead.  I will update as soon as I know.  Claire is scheduled for her third round of chemo tomorrow - half way!!! I'm hoping that she handles this treatment well and the aftermath is tolerable.  As a mom, I cannot imagine how hard it must be for her to take care of herself  and watch her daughter, too.  It is really so unreal.  Hang in there ladies!!!  I've said this whole community is behind you, but I was so wrong, at least two whole communities (and probably more) are sending you so much love, prayers, and support.  It is a testament to you both that so many people love you, support you, and would do absolutely anything to help out during this journey.  You both are simply amazing.

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