Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Landy Lou

Well, life just keeps going, one way or another.  Tomorrow will be another big day on this family's roller coaster ride.  Landon is scheduled for heart surgery.  When he was just a few weeks old, sweet baby Landon was admitted to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for his heart.  While there, he received an internal pacemaker.  His situation was scary and grim.  His family was told to "enjoy your baby."  I'm not sure exactly what that statement meant, but Erin remembers it was made in response to her questions about what to expect in the future.  Landon turned six years old last month and is doing extraordinarily well.  Tomorrow, in many ways, is a celebration.  Landon made it. Landon's little heart is doing better than ever anticipated and his pacemaker is coming out.  He will be in Sacred Heart hospital overnight, but should come home on Thursday.  I will post updates as I hear them.  Please keep sweet Landy Lou in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow, along with his brave, strong family.  Just like his mama and his grandma, Landon is a fighter.

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  1. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. Landon is truly a little angel