Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Fabulous Weekend!!!

A few weeks ago, Erin found a deal for a night at the Ramada by the Spokane Airport.  This hotel has an indoor pool and a tall water slide - heaven to any boy!!!  She booked the night for her and her boys and told me about how excited she was to get the guys out of the house for a little down time.  Like a true friend, I invited my family along and booked the room across the hall.  Erin's childhood buddy and my favorite new chum, Wenona, came along, too, spending the night in the room next door.  It was such a blast.  The boys were crazy little men, while the grown-ups relaxed and visited.  We spent some time poolside and even ventured in the water with our gaggle of guys.  So incredibly fun!!  Of course, we endured a few jokes about my husband, Jim, and his harem, who supplied him with a flock of sons.  Hysterical.  The whole hotel adventure was incredibly fun, and something I hope to repeat soon.....  although, next time I hope to get two coats of nail polish on my toes while sipping wine poolside.  Everybody needs a Wenona!!

Four Bathing Beauties

Hot Tub Time

Landon educating Wenona on the finer points of his video game.

Who knew Spiderman stays at the Ramada when away from the bat cave???


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