Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

Last night, Erin and I celebrated a perfect Halloween with our sweet little guys.  Our four boys were over the moon excited for tricks or treats!!!  After a quick dinner, we headed out with Nik and the little men.  The weather was perfect - no rain and warm enough for only sweatshirts.  We giggled like mad, conquered the boys' fears of the really scary house down the street, and perhaps the grown-ups helped lighten the boys' heavy candy bags.... just a little.  At one point, my youngest peeked down the street and said, "Mom, there are deer over there."  Our neighborhood is definitely in the city.  We were only a block from a very busy road.  I assumed that he saw a lawn deer or a strange costume in the distance or something.  Nope, the kid had really spied two full grown deer, a doe and a buck.  My family has lived in this neighborhood for 12 years and never seen a single deer.  It was pretty incredible to watch them trot down the pavement and hop over fences with grace and ease.  It made our whole night extra special.

After trick-or-treating, Erin and I spent some time with the boys helping my hubby hand out candy and visiting with some awesome neighbors who stopped by.  It was really a fun, festive, cancer-free evening.  We need more days like that.

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  1. The girls and I were trick or treating in our neighborhood and we looked down the street and there were 3 deer staring at us. Funny!!! I wish we were with you then the girls could have crashed the party!