Saturday, November 17, 2012

Destruction and Boobs

I'm sure that living with cancer has got to be frustrating, to say the least.  I'm only living it through Erin and Claire, and I know my emotions run the gamut.  Well, the other day, Erin sent me a text saying she just wanted to break stuff.  I totally get that.  With struggles I have personally had in the past, I have broken things and found it very primal and cathartic.  So.....  I came home that day and started scouring the cupboards for things we could break.  A while back, my hubby was laid off in a yucky way from a company he had enjoyed for eleven years.  He has moved on and is much better for it, but I am still terribly bitter about how it all went down.  Sure did find the two mugs with that company's logo on them!!!  I also found some other glassware that I never use.  I grabbed some bags, took a test run of my idea, and headed off to Erin's house.  We wrapped the glasses and mugs in brown paper lunch sacks and then double wrapped them in grocery bags, because while destruction is fun, clean up is not my style.  We smashed the hell out of those little bundles on her patio.  It was awesome.  Primal, cathartic, and simply amazing.

Like a huge dork, I even had a short soundtrack for our destructive feat.  I found Melissa Etheridge's version of Janis Joplin's hit, "Piece of My Heart."  Melissa Etheridge performed it on the Grammys with Joss Stone after her battle with breast cancer.  It was her first performance since her treatment.  I remember my hubby and I being in awe of her strength, her beautiful baldness, and her energy. Awesome, awesome story and song.  I'm sharing a link to that moment, as it still gives me chills:  Grammys performance.  Enjoy!!! 

So Erin and I listened to her awesome, determined voice blaring from my phone and just started smashing.  My favorite part was that Erin and I were laughing so hard, we were completely testing the outer limits of our bladders.  So hysterical and a night I will never, ever forget.  I have another new destructive idea and can't wait to test it out with Erin!!!

On a different note, my six year old asked me why every time he hears about "breast cancer" someone says "boobs."  I asked him if he knew what breasts were.  The sweet little darlin' said yes and pointed at my chest while saying, "those things."  Ummmm........ yep.  I asked him if he knew what boobs were.  Again he said yes and showed me he knew exactly what they were.  Then he said, "Mom, the proper name for them is breasts.  So, why do people say boobs when they are talking about cancer?  Shouldn't they say breasts?  That would be the right way."  Wow....  who would have guessed a six year old had that in him.  I told him that sometimes we say boobs or boobies to kind of lighten the mood because breast cancer is a very, very serious thing.  He was happy with that and ran off to wreak havoc on our cats or something.  Love it.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers for Erin and Claire.  If you would like to donate a meal, please check their meal calendar.  Thanksgiving dinner has already been generously covered by a fellow taekwondo family.  Thank you to them!!!  Also, Erin and Claire's fund is at Spokane Teachers Credit Union under the "Erin Broughton Hughes Benefit Fund."  I know many people have made donations to the account in the names of family or friends as gifts.  This is a great idea for Christmas presents for loved ones!!!!  Thanks!!!


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