Thursday, November 29, 2012

Change of Plans

Recently, Erin had some tests and scans to monitor the effectiveness of her chemotherapy treatments.  Unfortunately, her scans revealed that the tumor is the same size as before chemo.  Her doctor has shared that this could mean a couple of different things.  It could mean that the cancer cells within the mass are dead and the tumor just didn't shrink.  That would be ideal.  If that is the case, she would continue on with her treatment plan as is.  It could also mean that the chemo is not working and a different form of treatment needs to be investigated.  To know for certain, the lump needs to be removed and tested.  Yesterday, Erin went in for that surgery.  Typically, this is an outpatient procedure and Erin was scheduled as such.  Due to her heart condition, her team has decided the safest place to perform the surgery is in the hospital, probably as an inpatient.  They were unable to get Erin on the hospital schedule yesterday, bumping her to Friday instead.  Erin's surgery will be tomorrow morning at Sacred Heart. It is likely she will spend Friday night in the hospital as a precautionary measure.  Please send your prayers and positive thoughts in her direction as she bravely faces another battle in this journey.  Hopefully, the pathology reports will reveal dead cancer cells. 

I have only had brief opportunities to visit with Claire lately, but she seems to be handling things well.  Her next bout of chemo will be next week.  She is enjoying having Terry here.  I know the two and half months of separation was difficult for both of them.  While he has been here, they have enjoyed some great visits with friends and family.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, for her own journey and as a devoted mom caring for her incredible daughter.

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