Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas Ideas

I was contacted by some sweet friends of Erin's about a Christmas List.  What a fantastic idea!!!  Of course, our little Miss is quite reluctant to share her needs.  She told me that people have done so much already and wouldn't provide me a list.  So, how about gift cards?  I know Erin enjoys shopping for her boys and could go get the kids exactly what they need.  There is a Walmart near her home and a Target close by. We do have a Toys R Us in Spokane as well.  I know from my own little family that groceries are getting spendy, too.  The nearest grocery store to Erin and Claire is Safeway, but there are Albertsons, Fred Meyer, and other grocery stores.  Erin also shops on-line, so Amazon cards would work well.  The other thing that might be nice is restaurant gift cards. Then, when the family is up to it, they can go out to dinner.  I'm not sure of Erin or Claire's favorite restaurants, but I know they like all kinds of food, with Asian food being a staple for them.  Claire has some unique dietary needs, but definitely enjoyed the Mongolian Grill where she could put exactly what she wanted in her bowl.

Thank you for thinking of this dear family at this special time of year.  The awesome side of this horrible journey is watching the generosity and good in people unfold.  It really is inspiring and incredible.  The other day, I was talking with Erin and Claire and they were discussing getting a turkey for Thanksgiving.  Within ten minutes, no exaggeration, my cell phone rang.  It was my sister-in-law telling me that another family at the Taekwondo school Gavin attends wanted to bring a Thanksgiving meal to a deserving family.  She wanted to know if Erin and Claire would be interested.  How strange is that?  It was honestly kind of eerie.  In any case, I heard from Erin that a 20 pound bird showed up from that family yesterday.  That is awesome.  I know their home will be filled with family and that turkey will definitely be enjoyed.  Thank you!!!

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