Monday, August 27, 2012

Day One of Chemo, DONE!!

Erin made it through day one of chemo like a champ.  I am so unbelievably proud of her!!!  Erin is extremely strong and positive.  She had herceptin and chemo, along with other meds to help the process go smoother.  We did learn that the amount of benadryl they gave her caused a lot of restless leg feelings.  Honestly, the poor girl was moving and stretching like crazy.  The nurses did give her something to help with that and will be giving her a smaller dose of benadryl next time.  She slept through most of the chemo portion of her treatment and was really amazingly brave and strong through the whole thing.  Truly, Erin is an inspiration to me.  She amazes me constantly.  Erin looked over at me in my chair from her recliner and said, "You know, I really feel bad that you are sitting in that chair while I am all comfy with my feet up."  I told her, "You know, I really feel bad that you have cancer and my boobs are just fine..... this chair is great."  Glad I got a giggle out of her on that one.  Nevertheless, her concern for others, even when life is throwing her a storm, is phenomenal to me.

Cancer Care Northwest is absolutely an amazing organization.  Erin had incredible care today.  Her nurse was extremely attentive and was right on top of the leg issue - which sounds minor, but was horribly uncomfortable for her.  We were offered snacks and beverages throughout the day and were treated extremely well - like guests in the home of a good friend.  She even beat me at cribbage!  We made friends with some sisters near us, discovered a new cocktail recipe with them and heard some funny stories about their grandchildren.  Highlights of our day, for sure.

Erin will have chemo again on Thursday, September 6th.  Her doc has shared with her that her hair will probably begin falling out by that time.  We are hoping and praying that the next week and half is good for her and she handles things well.  Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Cards are greatly appreciated - 3118 W Grace Spokane WA 99205

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