Thursday, August 23, 2012

Treatments, Scan, and Christmas!

I visited with Erin and her mom for a little bit last night.  They both looked fabulous and were quite cheerful and positive. LOVE seeing Erin like that.  Thank you to all of her sweet friends (and some of mine too!!) for sending food, prayers, positive thoughts, wine!!!, care packages, etc.  Every bit of it is hugely appreciated.  On this post, I included some pictures of Erin's guys with my guys from the Santa Cruise last Christmas in Coeur d'Alene.  Last night, Erin said she was thinking about this health journey and her oldest had said he just wanted it over.  She told him that it will take at least until Christmas before the chemo is completed.  I guess that gives us all an extra reason to be excited for the holidays this year.  I'm hoping to have awesome, awesome news by the time we take the Santa Cruise again.

Erin had a CT scan this morning to see if the cancer has spread to her brain.  Hopefully, that will come back negative.  As soon as I hear, I will post an update.  Erin has been facing a dual battle, though, with fighting the big C and fighting for medical coverage.  Thank you to Cancer Care Northwest and Inland Imaging for helping her declare war on her provider.  It is sad and appalling that someone who should be focused on nothing but getting healthy has to take this on as well. 

Next week, Erin will begin chemo and herceptin treatments.  Her first treatment will be on Monday and should last about five hours.  I've volunteered to go with her and am hoping she will let me crash the chemo room.  Granted, my mouth is foul, my humor dry, and my sarcasm deep.  Hopefully I won't embarrass her too much!!!  I'm thinking of packing some games, books, and smutty magazines, along with snacks and beverages.  Sounds good, right?  If you have suggestions for me of things that would help pass the time, please let me know.

I had mentioned a hat/scarf party this weekend.  Unfortunately, my friends and I need to postpone that.  We will be looking at a weekend in September to meet at Audubon Park and collect hats and scarves for Erin.  I have told Erin that she is going to be a hot baldie and to just go with it, but I think she is more into hats, scarves, and her wig.  If you are anxious to get something to her sooner than our party, you can send packages to her house - 3118 W Grace, Spokane WA 99205 or drop them off with me at 3228 W Alice, Spokane WA 99205.  I teach at Prairie View Elementary on Five Mile and will be in and out between now and the start of school, so if it is easier to drop things off there, please do.  The secretaries can leave things in my mailbox if I am not up there when you go.  Thanks!!!

Please keep in mind the meal calendar (link at the bottom of the blog) and the benefit fund at STCU.  Every little bit helps.  Thanks!!!

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