Sunday, August 19, 2012

So.... Any News???

Erin had her appointment with the oncologist on Friday.  To be certain the cancer has not spread, Erin needs to have a few more tests/scans done.  Unfortunately, her insurance provider is causing some issues with these extra scans.  Erin did share that the people in the finance department at Cancer Care are helping her battle her insurance company.  Keep praying for good news soon!!! 

Erin will begin herceptin treatments this week, which hopefully will have few side effects.  Chemo treatments will begin on August 27th.  Due to Erin's heart reaction during surgery, there are no anti-nausea meds that are safe for her.  Keep Erin in your hearts on the 27th and pray that nausea is minimal.

Erin felt well enough to go with her family to Sandpoint and is considering a jaunt to the Shakespeare festival in Montana.  She is hanging out with her boys and enjoying the beautiful area while healing from surgery.  Sounds like a good plan!!!

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