Thursday, August 16, 2012

Donating Tips and Gift Ideas

I am learning that Erin has friends who love her all over the country!  It is so awesome to see.  If you are not in the Spokane area and would like to make a donation to her account, please check out this link:  It is about shared branching through credit unions.  If there is a location near you and you would like to donate, please e-mail me.  (  You will need the member number to access Erin's fund at Spokane Teachers Credit Union.  Thanks!!!  And, thank you Jennifer Holm, our banking expert!!!  I could not figure this all out without your help!!!

During the chemo class, the nurse had several great tips for this process.  Erin will need to take good care of her skin.  The nurse recommended aveeno bath, aveeno lotion, and cetaphil.  She said to steer clear of scented lotions, so no fancy bath and body works stuff.  She will need sunscreen (30-50 spf) every time she goes outside.  Of course, Erin will need hats and scarves - we are working on a hat picnic at Audubon Park in Spokane on Sunday, August 26th.  At this point, Erin has purchased a wig and has shared that she does not want another one.  I'll let you know if that changes.  The nurse encouraged the patients to keep a journal about their reactions to chemo - typically each cycle is similar.  (i.e. if day two is difficult in the first cycle of chemo, it will probably be hard in the second cycle, etc.)  She also was encouraged to keep a journal of her feelings.  So, journals or purse sized notebooks would be great.  She will need shirts with buttons or v-necks for access to her port.  I think zip up sweatshirts or button up sweaters might be helpful as the nurse recommended layers.  Also, she said bringing a blanket might be a good idea, too.  I have heard from breast cancer survivors that they eventually get quite tired of the color pink.  So, some pink is ok, but other colors are good, too. 

I posted yesterday, but ginger lozenges, tart candy, mints, natural ginger ale, etc, would be helpful, too.

I'm sure her boys will need some pick me ups, too.  Gavin is definitely a lego lover.  Landon is creative and likes to draw and make things.  Gavin is 11 and Landon is 5.  I wish I had more tips for them, but I'll post if I get some.

Thank you for thinking of our sweet Erin!!!

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