Friday, August 10, 2012

Meal Calendar

If you are interested in delivering a meal to Erin and her family, please sign up at  

The password is: erin  

I have a few people signed up for a couple of the early days after her surgery.  I didn't add those to the calendar, but please still plan on your date for a meal.  Erin does like fresh fruits and veggies, too.  It is completely not necessary, but if you are like me and love to share vino, she and her mother prefer red wine.  Another thing to consider is frozen meals that Erin can store and cook later. 

I have spoken to Erin, and she would prefer that people deliver the meals to me.  Her mom will come get them from  me.  Please know she loves you all dearly, but would prefer privacy through her fight and desperately doesn't want to be sick in front of friends. I am so proud of her for asking for this and for taking care of herself.  Now she doesn't have to worry about the house or herself looking presentable.  My address is 3228 W Alice, Spokane, WA 99205.  The google map is posted on the TakeThemAMeal website.  Thank you so much for your understanding. 

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