Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thank You!!!

I visited with Erin yesterday and spoke with her on the phone today.  I am so encouraged by Erin's strength and positive demeanor.  She is simply amazing at every turn.  I cannot tell you how much it touches both of our hearts to see the outpouring of love and kindness as Erin fights this wicked monster.  She has received cards, meals, care packages, gift cards, babysitting, etc, from so many people.  It is all so, so, so kind.  Personally, I would like to thank EVERYONE and also some of my own friends who have sent meals, cards, and gift cards to Erin, without even knowing her.  These friends have said that any friend of mine is a friend of theirs and that sentiment has honestly shown me the good in humanity.

Erin, we all love you.  We are here for you - even people who are friends through friends and haven't experienced the joy of sipping a glass of good wine with you are here for you.  We are all sending positive thoughts, prayers, and occasionally a few profanities about the vileness of cancer, in your direction.  This fight sucks.  It isn't remotely fair.  BUT, you are seriously kicking some cancer butt and we are all cheering you on through each step.  Love you, Lady!!!!

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