Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Life Detour

A smile, a twinkle in her eye, a giggle....  Erin had all of these today, even a few teases sent my way about being an unintentional Nurse Ratchet.  I love seeing that.  She chatted with her mother, Jennifer, and I and shared some great stories.  Stories from her bachelorette party..... that her mom hadn't heard before.  Stories about our kids' inquiries into the birds and the bees business.  Stories about so many wonderful memories we've shared.  Honestly, for a while, it felt like we were sitting in a bar, reminiscing about the good old days.  Possibly, it was helpful for a couple of us that there was a smidge of rum in my purse.... or maybe not.  I am so looking forward to the day when we really can share a cocktail, a dinner out, and a real hug that isn't limited by Erin's surgical wounds.  That day will come.  And when it does, there will be huge smiles on all of our faces and a joyous song or two in our hearts.

Erin was so much better than yesterday.  Her I.V. was enjoying a much needed break, giving her veins a chance to rejuvenate.  She ate well and seriously looked beautiful in her soft, new hat.  She even went for a walk with one of the nurses!!!  WOW!  Currently, the expectation is that she will go home tomorrow.  I'm sure the thought of her own bed, surrounded by her family, especially her two precious boys, and no more nurses poking and prodding her has got to be encouraging to our dear friend.  Erin is also scheduled for surgery on Monday to replace her chemo port.  We're still unclear where the port will be located physically, but hope it will help alleviate the demand that has been placed on her I.V. site.

I am awestruck by the battles Erin has won thus far.  Sadly, this heinous war is far from over, but our little gal is strong, tenacious, stubborn, and determined.  Please continue to lift her in your thoughts and prayers.  She can do this.  She is fighting like hell, but it is a difficult journey.  Her mom shared with me that a couple of her friends recently went to a small town in Brazil.  There is an organization there called "John of God."  They do many things to help people spiritually heal and Claire's friends added Erin's name to the prayer list.  To me, it is absolutely incredible how many people are pulling for her, from all over the world.  This blog averages 200+ hits per day.  Wow.  I believe each hit is a prayer, a thought, some love...  Erin, we love you.  This cancer beast is not half as determined as you are.  Someday, we will be getting that tattoo of your cancer-free date.  Someday, we will be publishing this blog, dousing it in gasoline, and burning the hell out of it.  Or maybe we could tack it up somewhere and shoot it full of holes.  Perhaps I'll make multiple copies and we will destroy it multiple times.  I have some black powder and know how to use it.  Someday, this detour in your life travels will be a distant memory that will remind you of how strong you are and how you reclaimed your life.  You fight like a girl, Sister.  You can do this and we are all loving you the whole way. 

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