Sunday, September 30, 2012

Great, Great Day

Today, my husband and I watched our two little people play with two other special little people - Erin's boys.  All four young men giggled, ran, were rambunctious and crazy.... all good things.  I truly could not have asked for a better way to spend a Sunday.  We took the boys to a local pizza place and hung out for a while.  The boys were loud and busy, which fit the raucous of the rowdy Sunday afternoon football crowd just fine.  They played in the arcade, discussed and debated the spiciness of the pepperoni, and had a ball winning candy from the claw machine.  I'm so glad we had that time together. 

On the way to the pizza place, I had the two littler boys in my car.  They were laughing and chatting the entire way.  My five year old son, Quentin, started talking about a movie he watched.  Quentin is a hard one to interrupt.... I swear he can get on a roll just like his father.  (Love you Jimmy!!)  In any case, Landon, Erin's five year old son, kept trying to interrupt and say something.  Quentin repeatedly said things like, "I'm still talking.  You're interrupting."  It was actually pretty funny to hear.  Then, all of a sudden, Landon half shouted, "Hey don't be a spoiler.  You are going to spoil that movie for me."  The boys talked about that for a while and then Landon said, "Yeah, I used to be a spoiler, but now I know not to do that because people want to see a movie for themselves."  I loved their little banter and their innocent logic. 

As we were walking in, those two were talking about some youtube video they saw.  Supposedly, a guy gets some dogs to work out in the short piece.  My guy said, "The dogs used to be fat, but they worked out a lot.  Now they are unfat."  Landon didn't miss a beat and said, "I know, I saw that!  They are unfat."  LOVE IT!!!!

After some play time and a small dance party, the boys and I ventured to Erin's home.  All four boys had a fun time playing Star Wars in the yard, complete with masks and light sabers.  Erin, David, Claire, and I got to sip some wine and just chat.  It was truly glorious.  I loved their silly side and their serious side. 

Erin is handling this round of chemo so much better.  She said she has discovered that the trick to battling the nausea is to keep a small amount of food in her stomach at all times.  I'm telling ya, it totally sounds like pregnancy!  In any case, she has been eating, she did some housework, let herself take a nap, and was happily watching t.v. and chatting with her dad (David) when I got there.  I am so glad she has such amazingly supportive parents.  Those two have walked through hell and back for their gal, and will not be throwing in the towel any time soon.  On top of that, I love that they enjoy a good visit, a few profanities, and a yummy glass of wine..... or two!!!  Thanks, Suzanne, from World Market.  We enjoyed your vino suggestion immensely!!!  That World Market family is pretty darned amazing at helping look after all of us. Thanks!!! 

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