Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Day 8 in Hospital Captivity

It finally happened.  Erin shaved her head today!  I am so excited for her!  My desire for her is that this event felt liberating and healing.  IT IS JUST HAIR!!!  I hope she realizes that she is beautiful no matter what.  Secretly, I have always been so jealous of the natural beauty that flows through every pore of that girl's skin.  She is positively stunning.

Hopefully, my head will be the next to be shaved.  I can't hold a candle to Erin's glow and grace, ever, but I don't care a lick about that.  Doesn't everyone deserve a partner in crime?  Wouldn't we all want a friend to commiserate with, especially about the idiotic things strangers say in the grocery store??  And, since I thankfully am healthy, and cannot commiserate on any of the rest of her journey, I am ready to bring on the clippers.  Who we are should outweigh what we look like, everyday of the week.  I'd love to set that example for my own children and my students.  I would love to teach them that the value we see in others should be based on actions, attitudes, compassion, and not appearance.  Although..... maybe it will just turn into, "That Mrs. Leighty, she's so crazy.  I think she lost a bet."  Who knows.

As for the details of the day, Erin did have her herceptin treatment at the hospital.  I hope she tolerated that well.  I've heard from her family that she is in a good mood and has shared that her daily cuisine is a bit repetitive.  I bet!  Two very special visitors made their way to Erin's room.  She visited with her Aunt Sue and Aunt Diana.  I'm sure she cherished every second with them and was glad her family got to see them, too.  Last night, Erin chatted with her oldest son, Gavin, over "facetime" on her phone.  Technology is such a blessing at times like these.  Erin and Gavin have always had a very special bond and I am sure they both are missing their typical daily routines, the hugs and kisses we all take for granted, maybe even the nags to get homework done or to turn off the tv, just the normal events in life.  Above all things, Erin takes the most pride in her role as a mom.  I'm sure she is glad to be connected with her two awesome little men. 

Many people have asked me about some possible gift ideas.  Erin will be in need of hats and scarves, but I heard of another really great idea, too.  She is currently enjoying listening to audio books.  Sometimes watching a movie or reading can bring on a bout of nausea, so audio books fit the bill perfectly.  Erin can close her eyes, relax, and listen to the tale woven by her favorite authors.  So, for those of you who are contemplating a gift idea, an iTunes card would be much appreciated.  Erin's home is also near a Safeway grocery store, a Walmart, McDonalds, Subway, and a Baskin Robbins.  Also, please remember that donations can be made at Spokane Teachers Credit Union to the Erin Broughton Hughes Benefit Fund.

Thank you!!!!!!!

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