Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Info and Some Requests

Erin had a fantastic Friday night and really good Saturday morning.  She visited with her family and even challenged her mom to a game of cribbage.  During that time, she told her mom that her heart was "feeling strange."  The doctors came right away and did an EKG.  Based on the results of that, the cardiologist ordered a heart catheter (a camera that goes in a large vein in her upper leg and follows the vein to her heart.)  Her cardiologist felt that the EKG showed a possible blocked passage in her heart and ordered the catheter to get a closer look.  The results showed that Erin did not have any blocked passages.  Earlier in the day, Erin's blood draw showed her potassium level was low.  They gave her potassium through her IV and are wondering if that could have caused the heart issues she experienced.

Around 4:AM today, Erin experienced a similar issue with her heart feeling funny and breaking out in a sweat.  The team brought the crash cart to her room and placed the paddles on her.  I'm not sure exactly what that looks like, but Claire said they are still on her.  I'm assuming they are adhesive types of paddles and not what everybody pictures from the emergency room scenes on medical shows.  As of yet, the paddles for the defibrillator have not had to be used, but have not been removed either.  It appears as though they are there as a precaution at this point.

Her potassium was again low and her team is now using a combination of potassium and magnesium in her IV.  That seems to be a better fit for her and is being monitored extremely closely.  She is having trouble sleeping and is feeling overwhelmed by this situation.

Cards to cheer her up can be sent to:

Erin Hughes
Sacred Heart Hospital
101 W 8th Ave
Room 604
Spokane WA 99204

There also is a really cool feature where friends and family can order cards for free via Sacred Heart's website.  They will print the card and deliver it to her room.  If you would like to try it out visit: Cheer-cards  Also, I asked Claire about flowers.  Erin is highly sensitive to smells right now, a common side-effect of chemo.  Please consider scent free alternatives if sending her your love.  Additionally, perfumes and scented lotions can bring on horrendous nausea for Erin.  If you do visit, make sure you are as scent free as possible.  Thanks!!

Personally, I have been very disappointed that I cannot go visit Erin.  My oldest son came down with the stomach flu, which would be extremely dangerous for Erin, given her compromised immune system.  If you are contemplating visiting her, please only go if you and your household are healthy.  Also, if you work around environments where germs are a concern (like this teacher!!) change your clothes in between work and visits.  I stuck a change of clothes in the car on Friday and changed before I got there.  It seems extreme, but we really have to be vigilant about not causing any undo germ exposure to our little Miss.

Just as a reminder, there is a fund for her at Spokane Teachers Credit Union.  It is entitled the "Erin Broughton Hughes Benefit Fund."  Donations can be made at any STCU branch.  Thank you!!!

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