Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Erin and Her Awesome Little Guys

Erin experienced a nightmarish day today.  It has been a bit of a whirlwind, so I will share what I know the best I can.  Erin was at home and had been struggling with nausea and fatigue.  She had an extremely frightening seizure that prompted a 911 call and an ambulance to transport her to Sacred Heart hospital.  To the best of my understanding, the doctors believe her seizure was caused by dehydration and an infection, possibly at her port site.  During the trauma, Erin's blood pressure dropped significantly, her heart stopped, and the paddles were used to revive her.  The doctors are contemplating removing her port, but have put in a temporary, external port on the other side for now.  Currently, they are running cultures to determine the extent and nature of Erin's infection.  She is listed in critical condition, is responsive in the form of nods, but was not speaking in the last report I received.  Erin is at Sacred Heart Hospital for an undetermined amount of time, but definitely will be staying the night tonight.  Please keep her, her family, her sweet little boys, and her friends in your thoughts and prayers.  Love and support will be needed to make it through this trying time.

On a totally different note, with no possible way to segue smoothly, the young Hughes men tackled their first day of school today.  Gavin is in sixth grade, likes his teacher, and is glad his best friend is in his class.  He got himself spiffed up for school and walked out the door looking sharp.  When I called to speak with his dad, Gavin was already busily working on a school project.  Landon also had a big day celebrating his first day of kindergarten.  Just like his big bro, Landon likes his teacher and was thrilled to find some friends from preschool in his class.  After school, Landon went to his dad's work where he saw a man with a shaved head.  When the man left, Landon asked Nik, "Dad, is that the guy that wants to kill Superman?  He looks like him."  Who knew Lex Luther lives in Spokane???  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE those sweet boys. 

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