Friday, September 28, 2012

Bees, Fund Raisers, and Erin

Erin has always loved bumblebees.  Lately, she has really been captivated by them.  She purchased a pair of bumblebee earrings at the cancer store a few days prior to her first chemo treatment and often finds ways to throw a bee or two into her home decor.  Erin has talked about wanting a bumblebee tattoo when this whole nightmare is over and somehow has grown to love the furry pollen jumpers.  Well, her friend, Roz, has come up with the following t-shirt design.  The shirts will be black cotton and will cost $20.  Every cent of the profits will go to Erin's benefit fund.... which has been a touch stagnant lately.  We will be working out the specifics of ordering, but please be contemplating a t-shirt for yourself and your loved ones.

Here's the logo:

Also, be watching for more updates about fundraisers for our little miss.  There are some plans in the works for a flea market/craft sale and a possible night at a local restaurant with a portion of the proceeds going to Erin.  Totally cool.  There are a few other ideas on the table.  I will share these thoughts when they come to fruition.  Thanks!!!

If you would like to make a flat donation to Erin's fund, please visit any Spokane Teachers Credit Union.  Donations can be made to the "Erin Broughton Hughes Benefit Fund."  Her meal calendar is looking a little empty, too.  Please consider signing up for a meal for Erin and her family:
 Erin's Meal Calendar 

So, Erin.  How is she?  I haven't seen her in a couple of days, but it seems like this round of chemo is going much better.  Yesterday, she took her kids to school and then ran some errands.  I shared with her that my little one was ill and she was offering to pick up some things at the store for me.  Really?????  My munchkin will be just fine.  Erin does not need to trouble with getting popsicles or gatorade for us.  It really touched me as just another example of her ever generous spirit.   I texted her that the Greek dinner is this weekend at a local Greek Orthodox church.  The food is amazing and the dancing and family time is so, so fun.  Erin and I have taken our families there several times before.  Well, her text response to me was, "We should go.  No farting, though."  Oh my, that is a story for another time, but so hysterical that she thought of it.  And, for the record, I am not saying who was doing the farting, just that at one point, one of us might have had some trouble with the Greek food settling in a pregnant belly.  Ha!!!  In any case, I love seeing shades of normalcy and Erin's drive to reclaim her life.  Erin will beat this monster because of her tenacity, her spunk, her humor, and her amazing fan club.

Random..... my little man has been struggling with some wicked air quality issues in our neck of the woods, that is reeking havoc on his asthma.  I texted Erin the other day and told her he coughed to the point of throwing up.  Gross.  Well, when she and I were visiting that evening, her youngest walked in the room and announced, "Well, I heard Quentin has the vomit."  It was so hysterical.  We both doubled over giggling.  "The vomit????"  It isn't like he has the clap or anything, but man did Erin's little man get us chuckling.

Well, I will post more about t-shirt orders as we get a plan in place.  I also will post more about fundraiser details as soon as I get them.  Thank you for considering a donation to Erin's Benefit Fund and signing up for a meal through her calendar.  Her family, friends, and I have been greatly blessed by the kindness of others.


  1. I can't wait for the shirts! So cool and what an awesome logo!! Love u Erin! Angela DeTorres

  2. I love the logo!! How about hoodies? If we paid extra could we get one? I'd even supply the hoodie but of course still pay the $20 to have the logo put on. what do you think??