Monday, September 24, 2012

Chemo Round Two

Erin fought her way through her second round of chemo today.  Her dad was with her to help pass the time and hold her hand.  She had some strategies in mind to fight the restless legs, which seemed to help.  She spoke with the dietitian and has some great ideas to help with the yucky feelings that might be on the way. 

My boys and I brought her a meal tonight, from her meal calendar (Thank you, Somer!!!) and got to hang out and visit for awhile.  The boys giggled like crazy with her two little ones.  I'm not sure what exactly they were up to, but all four laughed so hard it was impossible not to get carried away in their tide of excitement.  The adults sat outside and visited.  As usual, Erin was more worried about me than about herself.  She wanted to know all about my war wounds and how I am doing from my recent stumble.  Seriously????  She had a round of chemo today!  I just caught the sidewalk with my shoulder.  But, that is what is so amazingly special about Erin. 

I asked her about today and what she would want on the blog.  She said that today was uneventful.  She did chemo and seemed to be doing ok tonight.  The most hysterical comment came when she was sharing about her Dad.  Her Dad's girlfriend, Trish, writes the River Journal - a local magazine in Sandpoint.  David (Erin's dad) is beyond proud of this magazine.  When we hung out at Erin's very first surgery in mid-August, he gave me a copy and urged me to read it.  I would have, but when the surgeon came out, David began chatting about the River Journal and stole mine back to give to Erin's surgeon.  It was actually a pretty comical interaction with him elbowing me and urging me to dig my Journal out of my purse.  In any case, Erin said she was watching another patient in the chemo room reading a magazine.  He was across the room from her and seemed to be engrossed in his reading.  Slowly, he began to slump down and more of the magazine was visible.  Erin stopped, stared, and said, "Dad, is that a River Journal he is reading???"  Yep, David shared his pride in the chemo room, too.  LOVE IT.  Trish, you are so very lucky.  David is extremely proud of you and is going to make sure the whole world knows it.  David, I still need my copy and am hoping Trish writes an article about the key to a good Greyhound is Ocean Spray white cranberry juice. 

Erin is hoping to do well this week.  Last time, two days after chemo was exceptionally rough.  I am hoping and praying that she feels better than last time.  Please continue to keep our sweet gal in your thoughts and prayers.  She is so beautiful, so positive, so hysterical.  Love you, Erin!!!

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