Monday, September 10, 2012

An Update and My Rambling Thoughts

Room Change:  Erin is now in room 606 at Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane.

Erin visited with her two sweet boys tonight, laughing and joking while filling them with sweet mama lovin'.  It was a nice end to a bumpy day.  Erin's chemo port, that was implanted surgically in August, was removed under a local anesthetic.  General anesthesia is very dangerous for her heart and was not the best option for this surgery.  Her dad joked with me that at least he is in the right place if he needs an x-ray on the hand she was squeezing during the surgery.  The port was removed to make room for a permanent pacemaker.  That will be a surgical procedure in the next couple of days.  Erin will possibly get a chemo port in a different location down the road.

Currently, there has been no known explanation or confirmed cause of Erin's events that prompted the ambulance call.  Originally, the team thought it was an infection, which could still be the case, but no cultures have indicated a specific infection.  Erin and her family are under the care of an infectious disease specialist, who has been added to her team.

Tomorrow, Erin will have a herceptin treatment through her IV.  Her first herceptin treatment was given to her when she initially went in for round one of chemo.  She was due for a second herceptin treatment last week, but was unable to have it due to her other medical priorities.  The doctors said it will be an easy treatment as it will be given through her current IV port.  Hopefully, this will have little side effects for our gal.

Humility.....  we all need a good dose of it now and again....or at least I do.  Everyday, or almost everyday, I send Erin a picture of a refrigerator magnet message.  Today, I messaged her "wearing your dress."  Erin is one of the most giving people I know.  I always know when she cleans out her closet as I will come home to a bag of her nicest give-away clothes on the porch, sometimes more than one.  One time, the most quintessential teacher dress arrived to my closet via one of those porch bags.  Today, I needed a piece of Erin with me and proudly donned the dress.  I snapped a picture of it on my way out the door and sent it to her.  I made some self deprecating remark to her about it hugging some unwanted curves and was completely humbled by her response.  Her response said, "Never complain about a healthy body."  Truly, words to live by.  Who cares if my belly is a little more plump than I want or my thighs are less than svelte?  I am healthy.  My cells are cancer free.  My heart is healthy enough to keep me working and exercising often.  I will think of her comment when I start to pick myself apart or when I make excuses not to work out.  We all have a lot to be grateful for and a few extra pounds, some cellulite here or there, a little speckly skin, or whatever, are all small potatoes.  Thanks Erin!!!  I needed that reminder.  And, in your honor, I went jogging tonight and reminded myself how very lucky I am that I can lace up my shoes and venture out, even if my hip burns slightly and my inhaler got a workout, too.  Now, I just might be sipping a little red wine and thanking God that I am able to enjoy these simple things.  Thank you for blessing me with your gift of perspective.

Caring....  My son was sick over the weekend with some extremely exciting stomach stuff.  True to form, Erin texted me this morning wondering how he was doing.  Really?  It is just the stomach flu!  He will be absolutely fine!!!  No, it isn't fun.  No, I wouldn't wish it on anyone I love.  BUT, he is fine.  He bounced back quickly and will be heading off to school tomorrow.  True to her nature, though, Erin was in her hospital bed worrying about my child.  I just love her.  She is one of the most selfless people I know.  I am so lucky to call her my friend.  Erin, we all love you and are cheering you on.  When you hold a seashell up to your ear, that isn't the ocean, that is your fan club.  Love you, Girl!!!  Go kick some cancer ass.

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