Friday, September 7, 2012

The Fair!!!!

Finally, Erin is well enough to reclaim her usual spunky, funny demeanor.  Today, her team transferred her from ICU to the cardiac floor at Sacred Heart.  They removed both her external pacemaker and her temporary chemo port.  She told me they removed those because they want the fewest possible lines for infection in her body.  She did keep her chemo port that was placed in her body surgically a while back.  Surgery to put in a permanent, internal pacemaker is still on the table, being discussed by her doctors.

Our dear Erin has a low grade fever that they are watching, but generally is doing so much better.  She looks a whole lot less puffy and was in an incredible mood, especially given her current luxury suite at Chateau Sacred Heart.  She has been getting out of bed and moving around a little at a time.  Erin was really looking forward to the shower her nurse promised her this evening.  Apparently, she smells foul (according to Erin, of course), I don't know what she is talking about, but I know she will feel a tad more human after a good shower.

Small movements do wear her out as she has spent the last four days on hospital bed rest, the week and a half before that a bit more sedentary than usual given the effects of the chemo, and considering the battle her body is going through with this current situation.  More cultures were taken today, but thus far the team cannot determine exactly what caused the seizure, etc.  And, she has noticed that some of her hair is beginning to fall out.  I really think she needs a bald friend on this journey, but am afraid I am out of luck.  Truthfully, I know that she is secretly worried that if I shave my head to match her, I will finally (for the first time EVER) be slightly hotter than her.  Well, she shouldn't worry.  I might get close, but her beauty is unsurpassed.

So.... the fair.  Why "the fair" as my title???  Well, Spokane has a great fair at the beginning of September each year.  Erin enjoys going with her boys and looks forward to it.  As it got darker tonight, she turned to look at the city lights outside her room, a beautiful perspective on our city.  All of a sudden, she gasped a little and said, "Oh my gosh, the fair!"  I turned all the lights out in her room and gazed at the bright lights of the carnival rides.  It brought a huge smile to her face and captivated her attention way more than the game show we were watching.  When I asked her what she wanted me to write about tonight, she replied happily, "The fair......"  So, now when you picture our sweet Erin, don't picture the tubes, the puffiness, the tiny little bit she could open her puffy eyes, rather, picture the smile you love, the twinkling eyes, her positive spirit, as she watches the ferris wheel lights turn colors at the fair.  It really was an incredible moment that I will treasure.

On a different note, the last few days have been absolutely scary.  A side of hell that no one should explore.  Erin's family and friends have been so amazing in supporting her.  The other day, her dad had spent many, many hours at the hospital.  Poor David was fighting his mammoth state of exhaustion, but having a hard time succeeding.  I snapped this picture of him shortly after he caved to his weariness.  It is so obvious that Erin's loved ones would walk through fire for her.  Thank you to all of you!

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