Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Man of the House

I visited with Erin for a bit tonight.  Her new buzz is absolutely stunning.  GI Jane has nothing on our Erin!!!  I was delighted to see her eating and moving without noticeable pain.  Her mood was definitely upbeat and unbelievably positive.  I savored every moment of our time to talk, laugh, share old stories, chat about her kids, my kids, how positively inedible hospital food is, the list goes on.  All good.

Erin's surgery for her permanent pacemaker is scheduled for first thing tomorrow morning.  She has met with the surgical team and feels comfortable with them at the helm of her procedure and care.  I am anticipating being at the hospital as much as I can and will try to post updates.  Please keep our incredible Erin in your thoughts and prayers.

Above all else, Erin is an amazing mother.  She shared with me that she didn't quite shave her head completely bald because she wanted the boys to adjust to it in stages.  So wise.  She also beamed with mama pride when she talked about her oldest son, Gavin.  Gavin is 11 years old and a very tender boy.  This summer, Gavin often slept late and was near impossible to rouse earlier.  His mom has shared with me that he has always been the type of guy who could snooze the day away.  Well, he is turning into the man of the house while his mom is away.  He sets his alarm each night, gets up early, takes a shower, runs the water for his 5 year old brother's bath, helps him in, and then gets his brother's attire set out for the day.  The most touching part was that when Erin told Gavin how proud she was of him for being responsible for his little brother, he acted as if it was no big deal at all.  His humility and genuine caring for others definitely sounds like someone else we know!!  Gavin, we are all so proud of you!!!!

Thank you for the kind messages, e-mails, and cards that have been sent to me.  You are all so very welcome for this blog.  I would do anything for Erin.  This is truly the easy part.  So, thank you for thinking of me.  Although I truly wish there was never really a need for this blog, I am encouraged by the depth of caring and compassion from our friends and acquaintances.  Thank you.

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